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Lance Thompson

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Lance began hunting at a young age, learning from his father in rural Pennsylvania. Growing up listening to tales of bugling elk in Colorado, chasing the whitetails in the cold months of rifle season, and hunting all of the little critters in between, hunting and the outdoors were a part of daily life. It wasn't until his late 20's that he found his way into the archery world and his passion has continued to grow since then.

Lance attended the police academy in Pittsburgh PA in 2012 and upon finding his way back home, he was able to devote more time to archery, but also began attempting to film his encounters.  "It started with a Nikon D3300 and this gigantic Tokina lens that wouldn't lock into the body properly.  It nearly fell off numerous times when attempting to focus... to be honest, attempting to run a camera was extremely difficult but I just wouldn't give up."  "It's funny, the first time my brother (Duell) and I had an opportunity to film a hunt, the battery grip disconnected from the body right when I shot a doe... it was nothing but an uphill battle to say the least and it seemed no one was interested in helping us figure it out, but we sure did laugh a lot!"

Fast forward to today, he and his friends established the BlueLine Bowhunters in an attempt to display how the outdoors and a law enforcement lifestyle co-exist in a cinematic and exciting way.  Whether shooting a bow or shooting a camera, to be able to capture our adventures through the eye of the lens, to display the drive, passion, and energy we carry each trip out with family and friends is sure to capture memories and stories that won't soon be forgotten.

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