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Jared Bruno


   It all started at a very young age for Jared. He received his first bow at age 3 and fell in love with archery and being outside. His father and grandfather are credited for passing down generations of hunting and outdoor knowledge that simply cannot be bought. Jared began shooting archery competition at age 12 while working at his neighbors archery shop, Creek Archery. He continued to progress in archery throughout high school, where his baseball coach made him choose between archery or baseball. Needless to say, Jared chose archery and continued to compete in local, state and national competitions. 


   At 16, Jared was hired to work at the Greensburg, Gander Mountain as an archery tech. “We had the best shop in existence at that time. We had people from all over driving hours to come see us. From making strings, to complete bow rebuilds, Jared worked to keep hunters doing what they loved until he went to college, majoring in Criminal Justice. 



 Fast forward a few years, Jared fell in love with photography while stationed away from home for nearly 6 years as a PA State Trooper. This was more than ample time for him to familiarize himself with a camera and the editing process. After returning home from his initial assignment, Jared looked for an opportunity to flex his creative muscle in the hunting industry. That’s when he reached out to the Blueline Bowhunters. The team soon became a part of his family. Jared is now co-owner of the company where he is the marketing manager and produces content for the group and many of its sponsors, through photography and cinematography.

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