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Jared Bruno


Jared first held a bow in his hands at the tender age of three. Since that moment, his love and passion for the sport of archery have soared into the upper atmosphere. He has journeyed from competing in state and national matches to working in professional archery shops and hunting across the county. Jared's fervent desire is to share these rich experiences with you.


While stationed away from his hometown as a PA State Trooper, Jared embarked on a new venture: photography. As he honed his skills behind the lens, he began capturing the attention of outdoor and hunting enthusiasts. Little did he anticipate that his interests in hunting, archery, and photography would converge in a remarkable way. In 2017, Jared became a co-owner of Blueline Bowhunters, and since then, amidst numerous transformations, he has remained one of the company's two proprietors, alongside his close friend Matt Steele.


Jared is deeply committed and driven to deliver the utmost quality content to our audience, characterized by a distinct and cinematic essence. From photography to videography, Jared possesses an unwavering passion for creativity and is dedicated to setting Blueline Bowhunters apart from the ordinary crowd.

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