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Matt Steele


Matt learned his love of hunting the way many youngsters do, from his father. Before he reached the legal hunting age of 12, Matt would haul the days lunch and a thermos full of hot chocolate into the Pennsylvania woods on the first day of rifle season.


Fast forward to when Matt turned 16 and he was introduced to archery by a family friend. A Fred Bear bow and shooting with three fingers, Matt promised he would not shoot a release until he harvested his first deer shooting fingers. It took a lot of trial and error, but he was hooked!


Matt graduated high school and moved to Pittsburgh, PA where he went to Duquesne University. While studying there he used every opportunity to hunt the big suburban bucks around the city. Matt turned down law school for an opportunity to chase another passion of golf. He spent a year in Orlando, FL, one which he describes as being depressing. Especially during the months of October - December. Matt moved back to PA in 2009 where he was a Golf Professional for 5 years. While he loved the job, and was able to hunt during the colder months, he could not provide for a future family.


In 2014, Matt in enlisted and became a PA State Trooper. In 2017, Matt was approached by Lance about the forming of a hunting group that would showcase Law Enforcement and Veterans and their love to hunt. Matt jumped at the opportunity and assumed the role of CFO. Besides filming his own hunts and Lance's when schedules allow, Matt also flies a drone for aerial shots.


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