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The BLUELINE BOWHUNTERS | Law Enforcement Within the Hunting Industry.

If you'd like to combine archery, hunting, cameras and fitness, you've come to the right place! You are now reading the first blog post of the Blueline Bowhunters! We Have An Off-Duty Passion For The Outdoors!

Law Enforcement Within the Hunting Industry. Who Are the Blueline Bowhunters?

We're the BLUELINE BOWHUNTERS! A company shaped by passionate outdoorsmen, fathers, husbands, and law enforcement officers who are dedicated to inspiring and encouraging others to embrace a happier, healthier lifestyle through the wonders of the great outdoors. Our goal is to enlighten our audience about the mental and physical benefits that arise from adopting an outdoor and creative way of life. Whether it's with a bow, capturing moments with a camera, telling stories around a camp fire with friends and family or wielding a set of dumbbells, we are here to guide you in taking the essential steps towards enhancing your life.

Jared Bruno and Matt Steele. (The operators behind the scenes.)

Jared Bruno standing along a fence line in Nebraska during a mule deer hunt.
Jared Bruno - Nebraska Mule Deer Hunt

We recognized a discernible market need for an exclusive outdoor platform, the Blueline Bowhunters endeavor to establish meaningful connections by leveraging the distinctive viewpoint of first responders, driven by creativity and ambition.

Matt Steele with Mr.Big, a deer he harvested after a long season of hunting.
Matt Steele with Mr. Big

We promise to deliver some of the highest quality content you'll find anywhere on the internet that involves the outdoor industry. We'll bring you the ins and outs of the gear that makes us tick and the great people behind it.

Are You An Inspiring Photographer or Maybe Just a Hunting Gear Nut?

Whether you're a seasoned professional or a newbie behind the shutter, we'll have loads of upcoming content for all. I'm not saying we're professionals by any means but we do have a lot of time under our belts and have made many mistakes along the way that everyone can learn something from. We're human and we're not going to hide it. Tag along and we'll share what works for us and the stories behind the things that didn't.

Be The Solution NOT The Problem.

We're here to do our part in changing the way outsiders view us as hunters and law enforcement officers. Both have gained some negative light over the years and most of it is due to misunderstandings and the misinformed guiding people in the wrong direction. We want to do our part in changing their view by being the light in a moderately dark tunnel. Over the years, we've seen battles not just between hunter and non-hunters or pro-law enforcement vs the haters, but it's also coming from within. Hunters can be our own worst enemy. Instead of tearing each other down, we need to be the solution to the problem and build up our communities. 99.9% of us are all here for the same reasons. We just love the outdoors and the animals we pursue.

If you like what you just read, please leave a comment below and share this with your friends. We fired up for 2024 and this is just the beginning! As always, shoot straight! We'll see you on the mountain.

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Thanks everyone!



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